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Peonies and floristics

2018-04-15 12:29:00

                                                 Pioneers in floristic

   Peony is not in vain considered one of the main competitors of the rose, only a peony can eclipse the beauty of the queen of flowers. Beautiful, luxurious, and in size is not inferior to a rose, peony is a favorite of many girls. And especially the brides. And the fact that these flowers are seasonal and available in all their variety only in the spring, only increases the value and value of this flower. Of course you can get peony all year round; In the Netherlands, peonies are always grown, but in the season of peonies are very different from those we used: they are small, almost no lush, with little buds, and the price is higher than spring in spring.

   The peonies did not suddenly revere, they came to us from China, where they were already popular. There, even the image of an unconquered peony promised wealth, prosperity and prosperity. Some Chinese artists devoted their entire life to the most realistic drawing of this flower. By the way, from the East we tend to decorate our apartment with flowers, use flowers in hairstyles, accessories, etc.

   Today, probably, the spring and summer wedding is not without a pioneer. These exquisite flowers are used in the bouquets of brides, in the design of weddings, in ornaments. With the help of a pion you can create chic bouquets not only for the bride, but also bouquets from the living room. Except that they are beautiful, they produce a delicate aroma that is not confused with anything. By the way, the smell of pion is so popular that it is used even in perfumes. Peony is considered a flower of love and harmony, so it is recommended to keep a lot of pimples in the bedroom.

   To date, there are more than 10 thousand varieties of peonies. You can identify the main types of peninsula:

-         Simple

-         half wicker

-         terry

-         Japanese

-         Anemone

                                                   How to save these flowers

   Peonies are so good that they want to admire them for as long as possible. And to prolong their life can provide them with comfortable conditions. First of all, it's the temperature in the room. Peonies do not like warm and dry air. And there are direct sun rays. It seems strange because the flowers themselves bloom under the sun, but the cut is better to keep in a dark and cool room. In addition, pepper vases should be avoided from a fruit vase.

   If your flowers are bought for a wedding or other holiday, then they can survive the night or day in a cool room. If you bought peonies in buds, then they will help them uncover them with warm water. It is enough to put in warm water and lightly split the buds.

   Columns of flowers are traditionally carved at an angle. The purple peony should be large so that the buds do not collide with each other and do not settle freely. Also, peonies do not like the neighborhood with roses, chrysanthemums. Therefore, if you give a lot of flowers, it is better to put the peonies in a separate vase.


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