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21-06-2024 Seasonal flowers. Which ones are better to buy

Flowers — a great way to please loved ones. There is nothing more beautiful and original than seasonal buds that exude freshness and a touch of nature itself. At different times of the year, we have a unique opportunity to choose bouquets from different seasonal colors. And when what flowers to buy, we'll figure it out later.

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21-06-2024 Flowers for special events. Recommendations for choosing flower

Since ancient times, flowers have been considered one of the best gifts. Their deep symbolism and incomparable beauty always make people fall in love with them, making them admire their splendor and many aromas. Choosing colors for certain occasions requires close attention to detail. This is the only way to make a perfect present, giving a person sincere emotions, and at the same time not offending him or giving the gift a double meaning.

03-05-2024 Easter floristry

13-02-2024 What to give your mother on March 8?

Mom — a special person in the lives of each of us. To really please her on International Women's Day on March 8, we recommend that you choose flowers to her taste, providing them with some nice or practical gift. Think about what she would like to receive from you as a present? What are her personal preferences and hobbies? What's missing from housework?

12-02-2024 What to give a girl for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day, also commonly known as Valentine's Day — an ideal occasion to express your feelings. There is also no better reason to pluck up the courage to finally declare your love to a girl and propose to meet her. 

12-02-2024 The best gift for a girl on March 8

International Women's Day, March 8, — it is a holiday praising love, the grace of the female half of humanity, and the gigantic part that women occupy in the hearts of men. Therefore, it is very important to congratulate your girlfriend on the holiday by giving something nice and cute so that she does not think that she is indifferent to you. 

21-01-2024 When is it worth giving large and huge bouquets of flowers?

You can hardly find anything more impressive than a huge bouquet of fresh flowers presented as a gift. This gesture can express a variety of emotions and feelings. However, large flower arrangements are not always relevant. When does it make sense to give such a gorgeous gift?

20-01-2024 What flowers are most often given on March 8?

The best way to please any girl on March 8 — present a bouquet of fragrant flowers that can convey your sincere feelings and emotions, as well as emphasize the femininity and beauty of the fair sex. The abundance of colors available today creates a real choice problem. People never cease to wonder: what flowers are customary to give on International Women's Day?

19-01-2024 Chamomiles of different colors. What does the color mean?

Chamomile — one of the most famous flowers in the world. There are many beliefs associated with chamomile. They use it to tell fortunes about love, and in ancient times chamomile was considered a symbol of life due to the healing properties of the plant (and even today many people adore chamomile tea). 

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