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Delivery of flowers Bouquets of roses

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Bouquets of roses — this is a charming gift. This is a gentle symphony of your feelings, collected in a bouquet. They give strong positive emotions to everyone. Even one flower will tell the lady of your heart, friend, mother or colleague about your feelings, and a professionally collected bouquet — even more so! If you don't have enough flattering words to express what's in your soul, you can always do it with the help of a fragrant bouquet of roses. Give joy, surprise and delight to the one whom you want to congratulate on some date, holiday, or to please just like that, at the call of your heart.

Our florist company works not only in Kyiv, but throughout Ukraine, making targeted delivery, doing floral decoration of premises, and giving advice on floristry — everything to make our life brighter, more pleasant, happier and more fragrant!

Delightful colors of our roses

Our company offers bouquets of roses delivered to your address, which can be made from roses of various colors at your request. In our catalog you see various color solutions that can tell the recipient about your feelings, because each color has its own symbolism. Let me also give you examples of when it would be appropriate to give a particular color of roses.

  1. Red roses — it is love, passion and romance. Can be given on the occasion of a birthday, Valentine's Day or to express deep affection and the warmest love. An ideal solution for couples who have recently started dating and whose hearts are filled with a whirlwind of passions and heated emotions.
  2. White roses — it is purity, innocence, new beginnings. A bouquet of white roses can be used for weddings, and then the gift will symbolize the purity and durability of the new union.
  3. Pink roses mean gratitude and joy. Can be given to express your gratitude, to celebrate a birthday, or to express admiration.
  4. Yellow roses signify friendship, joy and fun. Do you want to emphasize the importance of your friendship with a person? Express admiration or wish a speedy recovery? Then yellow roses — your choice.
  5. Lavender/lilac roses carry a hint of mystery and budding feelings that you would like to continue to develop. If you are fascinated by a person, but do not yet know what stronger emotions you feel for him, give a bouquet of these roses with delivery.
  6. Finally, blue roses symbolize mystery, a strong desire for something. If, for example, you want to win the favor of a man or woman and attract attention, then the extraordinary rare color of blue roses will help you with this.

Exceptional freshness of bouquets

When we want to buy a bouquet of roses, we naturally strive to ensure that the buds are fresh, literally cut off. It is clear that withered roses can cause, to put it mildly, an ambiguous reaction from the recipient. Therefore, if you do not want to embarrass a person, then your choice — these are only the freshest, and therefore the most beautiful and pleasantly fragrant roses.

Our floristic company understands this like no one else. Therefore, we guarantee you 100% freshness of every flower in your bouquet, be it a rose with a long or medium stem, peony, bush or regular.

The attractiveness of the freshest flower gift is that it will delight its recipient for several days, being placed in water and with simple care. So, to maximize the freshness of roses, it is recommended to cut the stems of flowers received as a gift at an angle (ideally 45°) and place them in a clean vase with fresh running cold water. To prevent bacterial growth, remove any leaves that may be submerged in water. Every day you need to regularly change the water, trim the stems and store the bouquet of roses away from direct sunlight, cold, heat and drafts.

Advantages of working with our flower delivery service

In the modern, fast-moving and living world, it can be difficult to find time to personally choose a bouquet, go pick it up and deliver it to the address. In addition, the person you are going to buy flowers for may be in another city, and therefore you cannot get to him in person, even if there is a very good reason to give a gift from hand to hand.

We understand this, and therefore we have an excellent delivery service that will bring the bouquet you ordered on the Internet to the recipient and deliver it directly into your hands on your behalf, with a smile, a good mood and right on time. When ordering roses on our website, indicate the recipient and sender information, address and delivery time, and we will do the rest for you. We also offer the option of a beautiful signature of a greeting card or insert, which will be included in the bouquet, so that the recipient knows who the flowers are from and immediately thinks of you when receiving them.

So if you want to elegantly congratulate your loved one, then order flowers at the best price from our company Buket Express — this is exactly what you need!

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