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1/3 Desiatinnaya st.

BUKETEXPRESS takes care of you and your loved ones

BUKETEXPRESS is not just a flower delivery service, it is a history and tradition of 25 years. We were the first to congratulate you on your victories, make your weddings unforgettable, and birthdays special. BUKETEXPRESS is a friend who is always ready to help.

Individual approach

The key to the success of our company in the ability to listen and hear the wishes of customers. Modern - does not mean that it fits all, and the classics - not necessarily obsolete. Our florists create unique bouquets especially for you.
Bouquets for men, women of different ages or children - it makes no difference to us, we know how to please even the most compelling recipient.
But to manage flowers, this is not enough. We can organize a whole holiday for you dear person. Everything from balls, live butterflies and glowing flowers to love confessions of a window and mime shows. A real firework of emotions in company with BUKETEXPRESS.

Delivery and discount system

The main thing in delivery - efficiency and professionalism. And these are our main rules.We provide free delivery in Kiev, deliver bouquets to 489 cities in Ukraine and 188 countries. There are no obstacles for us.
BUKETEXPRESS - will deliver flowers to your home, work and restaurant, at any address you specify. We are always on time, our flowers are always fresh, and couriers are always tidy, kind and professional.
A customer who comes back to us time after time is the main reward for our work. So we do our best to work with us. Each buyer of our salon receives a discount card with a discount of 5%, and the website, at registration, operates a system of accumulation of points from 3 to 10% discount.

Make your loved ones happy - give them love, and we will take care of joy and flowers.

Flower delivery: give sincere feelings and emotions

For hundreds of years, flowers have had a special meaning for people. Almost every flower is associated with various customs, traditions and symbols. With the help of a bouquet, we can convey many emotions, as well as talk about what we cannot say out loud.

Delivery of fragrant bouquets to recipients with the company Buketexpress — this is not just a service. This is an opportunity to convey your feelings through time and space, reminding your family and friends of how dear they are to us.

When is delivery of bouquets relevant?

In life there are a variety of situations when we want to give our loved ones joy, show attention, congratulate on an important event in life, express sympathy or other emotions.

Long gone are the days when all our friends and relatives lived in the same neighborhood, and we could visit them at any time and give them a nice gift. Today, relatives often find themselves in different parts of the city of Kyiv, the country, and sometimes the world. Despite this, it is very important for us to stay in touch and find a way to remind our loved ones that we appreciate and love them.

In the fast pace of life, circumstances often develop in such a way that we physically do not have time to personally congratulate a loved one, even if we are in the same city. Thanks to express flower delivery, neither distance nor urgent matters will ever be a hindrance.

Buketexpress flower delivery often comes to the rescue in the following cases:

  • birthdays and anniversaries;
  • weddings;
  • public holidays;
  • promotion;
  • birth of a child;
  • a pleasant surprise for no reason.

Flowers are ordered not only for happy, but also for sad events. A discreet, beautiful bouquet will be an expression of sympathy and condolences.

Flower delivery Kyiv: advantages

Flower delivery from Buketexpress — This is not only a great way to please your family and friends with a pleasant fragrant gift. This service provides many other benefits, namely:

  • Huge selection of colors. Compared to any store, the choice of plant varieties with delivery will be wider, because you are not choosing a bouquet at any specific point. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose the most suitable composition for the occasion.
  • Only fresh buds. A high-quality delivery service uses exclusively fresh-cut flowers and creates a bouquet from scratch for each specific customer.
  • High execution speed. Express delivery will deliver the selected bouquet right on the day of order. There is also urgent flower delivery. This way, you will congratulate your loved one in a timely manner, even if in the hustle and bustle you accidentally forgot about the holiday.
  • Possibility to order flowers remotely. Wherever you are, you can always place an order for bouquet delivery via the Internet. Your loved ones will be pleasantly surprised and will definitely feel your warmth and attention from a distance.
  • High-quality and elegant bouquets. The delivery service employs exclusively professional florists who not only understand the language of flowers, but are also able to create delightful compositions that are ideal for any occasion.
  • Additional gifts. Express delivery is not limited to the variety of bouquets. You also have the option to buy additional gifts for your loved ones, depending on their tastes and preferences. These can be fruits, sweets, soft toys and other pleasant little things.
  • Affordable price. A large selection allows you to find a bouquet at the best price, courier services will be very cheap, and when ordering for a certain amount - completely free.
  • Ease of payment. Making a purchase online is easy. You can pay for your order in a variety of ways. These can be either bank cards or popular electronic wallets. It is also possible to pay the courier upon receipt of the order.
  • Prompt delivery around the clock. All you have to do is negotiate all the conditions so that the flowers are delivered on time.
  • Possibility of anonymous delivery. Thanks to this, you can surprise and delight your loved one while maintaining the intrigue.

Flower delivery in Kyiv — This always saves your effort and time, as well as a win-win gift option for a relative, colleague, girlfriend or other person.

Varieties of bouquets

Buketexpress Ukraine offers a wide variety of flower arrangements:

  1. Traditional bouquets. We offer magnificent mono and mixed bouquets. The assortment includes the freshest and most fragrant flowers — various varieties of roses and tulips, lilies, daisies, sunflowers, carnations, chrysanthemums and others. We offer both elegant monochromatic bouquets and bright compositions.
  2. Flower arrangements. Flower arrangements are gaining increasing popularity. This is due to such advantages as durability, ease of maintenance, ease of transportation and, of course, amazing appearance. Compositions in hat boxes, baskets and other containers are widely in demand.
  3. Compositions with sweets and fruits. A nice gift doesn’t have to be limited to your favorite flowers. The bouquet can be harmoniously complemented with a variety of goodies, depending on your preferences. Lovely buds can decorate gingerbread and handmade chocolate, sweets, macaroons, berries, fruits, as well as sparkling drinks. Thus, an ordinary bouquet turns into a full-fledged and expensive gift.
  4. Romantic bouquets. Compared to classic compositions, such bouquets are airy and tender. This is a great choice for your girlfriend. A correctly selected bouquet will allow you to express exactly the feelings that you have for your beloved.

How to choose a bouquet?

Selecting a suitable bouquet or flower arrangement — key point when ordering flowers for delivery. Among the wide variety of buds and compositions, it’s easy to get confused. Here are some key aspects to consider when making your choice:

  • Analyze the occasion. You shouldn’t give preference to the first gorgeous bouquet you come across. Even the best composition can be a failure if it does not suit the occasion. For example, as an anniversary gift, you can present a huge composition in a basket or a chic large bouquet. As a quick gift for a relative or friend, you can choose a composition of wildflowers or order seasonal flowers.
  • The addressee and his preferences. Each of us has our own tastes regarding fragrant buds. They should definitely be taken into account when choosing a bouquet for delivery. In addition, your relationship with the recipient is equally important. For example, for a business partner or colleague, it is better to give preference to a strict classic bouquet in subdued colors. If you want to please a friend or loved one, you can afford something brighter and more original.
  • Learn the language of flowers. Each flower has a special meaning and carries a certain meaning, which, if desired, you can put into your bouquet. Thus, a rose (especially a red one) is a symbol of love and passion. Delicate lilies will help to express admiration and sympathy. Tulips can tell about pure love and passion. For a young, interesting person, daisies or sunflowers are perfect.

To make the right choice and hit the target with a bouquet of flowers, you can always consult with experienced Buketexpress florists. They will help you choose the best flower arrangement within your budget.

How to place an order?

To present a beautiful bouquet of the freshest flowers, just spend a couple of minutes and place an order with Buketexpress. To do this you will need:

  1. Open the catalog of bouquets.
  2. Select a category or set parameters (occasion, cost, recipient and preferred color).
  3. Add your favorite flower arrangement to your cart.
  4. Place an order by specifying the recipient's information, delivery date and time.
  5. Choose a convenient payment method (PayPal, WebMoney, Privat24, Bitcoin, bank card or payment in the salon).
  6. Confirm your order.

If you don’t find a suitable bouquet or composition in the catalog, you can always contact our experienced florists. They will create a bouquet in accordance with all your requirements and wishes at very little cost.

Give warmth and love to your loved ones, and the Buketexpress flower delivery service in Kyiv will become your faithful assistant and will be there wherever you are!

Frequently asked questions

❓ Is it possible to order delivery of flowers across Ukraine?

✅️ Of course, in our online store you can order delivery to any city of Ukraine.

❓ How to order flower delivery?

✅️ You can order the delivery of flowers, bouquets, compositions on our website or call us at 0 800 21 54 55.

❓ Can I add a gift to my order?

✅️ Yes, we offer additional gifts that you can add to your order, such as candies, soft toys, balls and more. You can choose a gift when placing an order on our website.
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