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How to care for flower arrangements?

2021-12-14 06:37:00

Watering flower arrangements in a box / basket is similar in its technique to how indoor flowers are watered. It is required to ensure that the floral sponge remains slightly damp. Water the sponge with lukewarm water. Once a day is enough. Since you still need to water the flowers in a box on a sponge a little differently, observe the following nuance. Never take flowers out of the oasis. Putting it back in is unlikely to work.

There are some tricks on how to care for flower arrangements:

• Pour a sponge and wait a little while the oasis absorbs water, and drain the excess remaining on the surface.

• One hour is enough for water settling.

• It is helpful to rinse the dust off the leaves, however, do not flood the flower heads.

• Leaves falling on the sponge must be removed from the box immediately to prevent rotting.

Only with proper care, following the recommendations, the bouquets will last 14 days and even longer!

It is important to purchase flowers from professionals in boxing. Every little thing affects how long-lasting the bouquet will be. Correct fastening of the oasis, fixation of the stems in it, sufficient amount of moisture, the right choice of the box for certain flowers.

In order for such an expensive and refined gift to last longer, you should adhere to simple rules:

• Try to place the flower arrangement away from drafts, high temperatures and direct sunlight. So the window sill is unlikely to be the best place for a beautiful flower box.

• Use a spray bottle to dampen the flower petals from time to time. However, you should not get carried away - the plant will still take most of the moisture from the floral sponge.

• It is better to remove dried petals immediately. So the bouquet will look more aesthetic, and other flowers will not fade for a long time.

In the online store BuketExpress you can buy flower arrangements in boxes / baskets for every taste with delivery :)

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