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How to cut flowers so that they please the eye longer?

2023-01-12 09:54:29

How to cut flowers so that they please the eye longer?

In order for the flowers to stand as long as possible, you need to properly care for them. To do this, you need to change the water in the vase every day, since dirty water helps to reduce the life of plants at home, because the process of receiving water by the flower through the stem is disrupted due to dirty water. Thus, due to lack of water, the flower will quickly wither.

Pruning a flower after purchase, before placing the bouquet in a vase, is very important. Roses are especially picky in home care. Very often they fade the very next day after purchase.

How to prune a flower stem

1. The first rule is to cut the stem at an angle of 45 degrees, this is the ideal angle for the full nutrition of the plant.

2. The second rule is to cut the stems under water so that the vessels are not clogged with air bubbles and receive quality water.

3. The third rule is to cut the stems every day, this will extend the life of cut flowers, keeping them fresh longer.

4. All lower leaves need to be trimmed (all leaves that fall under the water in the vase). The leaves in the water will rot, and these processes will only worsen the condition of the flowers. The roots at the base are also recommended to be cut.

5. In the heat of the afternoon, it is better not to prune the flowers. It is recommended to do this in the morning or afternoon in cool weather.

How to revive wilted roses

Wilted roses can still be salvaged in some cases. If the roses have begun to lower their heads, they can still be resuscitated. There are two effective ways to do this:

1. cut the stem very short;

2. dip the roses into a bath of water.

Features of trimming different colors

• Lilac stalk must be cut off and the tip of the stalk broken with a hammer.

• Gerbera does not absorb water well, so before putting it in a vase, you need to pierce the stem from below or make a deep vertical cut.

• In chrysanthemums, before putting into water, it is recommended to remove all lower leaves from the shoot to the water level, and then cut the stem.

• Hydrangea does not absorb water well, so to increase the water absorption area of the flower on the stem, you need to make a vertical cut 3-5 cm deep.

• Stems of carnations and other flowers with the same stem structure are recommended by florists to be cut above the stem knot.

• Gladiolus will stand longer if mineral supplements are added to the water.

• To prevent mold, put the irises in a vase with a little water.

• Callas are best placed in an opaque vase so that their stems do not curl.

• Lily feels best in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

• Peonies are best kept in a cool place - so they will stand longer.

• The stems of daffodils secrete a special mucus that is detrimental to other flowers. Florists recommend holding daffodils separately in water for a day, and only then you can put them in a combined composition. Already in the combined composition, the cut of the stem of daffodils should not be updated.

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