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Some Flower Arrangement Tips

2016-09-09 13:54:00

Flowers make everyone smile! They have this amazing attractive power, and since man has the aesthetic eye for most things, flowers never fail to lift the mood of a décor, no matter what situation it is in. Try out some handmade flower arrangement styles to cheer up your house. This is an inexpensive way of expressing happiness! You do not need to change the room interiors, nor is there any sort of renovation required. Just add a creatively done bunch and the room is set to welcome guests. 

Choosing the right flower arrangements for your home décor is important. The flowers you choose should compliment your overall home décor taste.

Here are some tips:

1.     Flowers are pretty things. Many of us have a type of flower we think is ugly, but in reality, the flower totally depends on the occasion and what it’s paired with. Pink carnations get a bad rep for being ‘cheap’ and daisies feel ‘junior’ but paired with some pink and white peonies, they can look beautiful and expensive.

2.     Anything that holds water is a vase. Similarly, anything that holds dirt is a planter. This gives you a whole new world of options. Bottles, boxes, bowls, jam jars, mason jars…all can hold water and all can be vases. Plus, you get total street cred. for your creativity and how quickly you can transform your table. You are now a floral ninja.

3.     Your ‘vase’ decides the height of the flower. Small vase, cut your flowers shorter. You get a little more control and fullness. Tall vase, keep the stems long. I used a mason jar and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get my arrangement to work. In an act of desperation, I cut the stems unnaturally short and it totally changed the game.

4.     The more you try to get your arrangement perfect, the more it will look fake. Place your flowers randomly but keep them balanced. Leave the flowers as they are (leave the leaves), learn to love asymmetry, and find freedom in literally throwing them together. Let the flowers do their thing.

5.     Branches and weeds are the middle children of flowers. Don’t leave them out! They last much longer than flowers and make a huge impact.

6.     When choosing flowers, stick to 3 – 4 flower types and go for one greenery, one larger focal piece and one with some airiness or a sculptural quality. If you’re vibe is monochromatic – make sure they’re not all exactly the same color.



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