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Choosing flowers for men

2016-01-30 22:00:00

Just like women, men like to feel special too. They may seem to be all tough and protective in nature rather than being protected but they have a sense of belongingness too that remains a void until someone fills it. Men like to be recognized and cherished when presented with a gift just as women do. If you want your man to feel special, send him flowers.  However, there is a whole science behind it when it comes to choosing flowers for men. Just remember one simple rule: Keep his image and personality in mind and you will conquer over him.

Asides from brightening up a dull space, giving the gift of a vibrant flower arrangement symbolises respect, alliance, devotion, gratitude and love…so why not buy a bouquet for your man too?


When choosing the flowers for a man you should first consider their color. Usually, men prefer yellow, purple, red and orange and are not very enthusiasts with feminine colors like pink, mauve, fuchsia, lilac and the like. This does not mean that you cannot add a touch of these colors to your flower bouquet. To make the arrangement more attractive, use green flowers and vegetation. Your man will love them. Carnations, orchids and other flower types are colored in nice tones of green.


The type of flower is also important. For a man, you can choose robust flowers that present well-defined structure. Some of the most suitable flowers for a man are gerberas, daisies and sunflowers. Exotic flowers are also a good choice. You can opt for orchids, bird of paradise, anthurium, etc. Yellow and orange roses can also be offered to a man. If you have a relationship with a man, you can also give him red roses. Mini roses and calla lilies are not suitable for this purpose. You can use instead snapdragons, blue hydrangeas, irises, grape hyacinth, etc.


 As for the scent, avoid sweet and feminine types. Instead, choose earthy, musky, strong, fruity or spicy scents. Bluebells, carnations, delphinium, tulips and lupine will make your man happy. Star gazer lilies have a feminine smell so do not offer them to a man. He will not like their smell at all.


Depending on the occasion there are many flowers you can offer to a man. If you want to show him your sympathy, opt for green, blue or white flowers. If you want to offer flowers to your man for his birthday or as a congratulation gift you can also pick up lowers colored in brighter tones. Red roses, orchids, tulips and the like are perfect for a romantic gift if you want to show him your love. If you want to show him that you are his friend, you can offer him yellow roses. For loyalty, choose daisies and for devotion go for Alstroemeria.

To make the bouquet more special, do it yourself. Search online pictures with special flower arrangements for men and use fire engines, toy cars and smiley mugs as a base. Avoid using ribbons as decorations. If your man does not like flowers, offer him a small bonsai.

A plant, when chosen carefully, screams masculinity and adds life and colour to both the home and the office. They also tend to last a little longer than the average bouquet, making them an equally lasting reminder of how you feel.

If you want to push the boat out, team a plant or floral arrangement with a bottle of personalised ale or wine.

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